Get paid for writing restaurant reviews

In India, there are relatively few websites which pay members for writing reviews of restaurants. One of the few exceptions is which pays members with payback points if they write a review which is accepted. The trip advisor account has to be linked to the payback account using a simple process . The Payback points can then be redeemed for gift and other items at
There are a fairly large number of restaurants listed online at Trip Advisor, most of the popular restaurants are listed. The restaurants in tourist locations like goa are more likely to be listed compared to other places.
It is not clear when the amount will be transferred to the Payback account.

Animal medical care , organized stalking and wealthy individuals

With organized stalking rampant in most indian cities and towns, people are spending their time and money on their pets as it is increasingly difficult to trust any other human being . In some cases, companies like google, tata are so ruthless in stalking and harassing harmless citizens to acquire talent and technology cheaply, that just speaking to another person may result in a court case to extort money with wealthy vulnerable individuals being the most likely targeted by the organized stalking gang. Hence the demand for pet animals, products and animal medical services has greatly increased in the last decade. A look at animal medical care, vet services and animal hospitals