Comparing online and offline tomato sauce prices

Amazon has been aggressively advertising essential items online and offline in newspaper advertisements, so it is interesting to compare the prices. One of the most commonly used items in most homes is tomato sauce. However the cost of the tomato sauce will vary greatly. Though Mapro has very cheap tomato sauce available in exhibitions, it is not available easily in small towns like panaji, goa. Earlier Patanjali was the cheapest supplier of tomato sauce, costing Rs 70 for 500 g in a glass bottle, which can be recycled. However to counter Patanjali, Kissan introduced 1 kg pack of tomato sauce, with a MRP of Rs 125. At some retail stores like Goa Sahakari Bhandar, the cost of the tomato sauce, is further reduced to Rs 123.
On Amazon on 1 May 2017, 1 kg Fresh Tomato Ketchup is available for Rs 115, and a lightning deal is available for Rs 110. However the only disadvantage is the tomato ketchup packaging is easily damaged . Waiting for delivery of items ordered online can be a problem for a person who has a busy schedule