Noodles are popular items for online sale

On May 1, 2017, one of the popular food items for sale online at Amazon are Maggi noodles 560 g , costing Rs 75 . These are the standard Maggi noodles, made from maida, not the veg atta noodles. This is not surprising as many of the internet users in India are students, bachelors, and living alone, do not have the time and inclination to cook an elaborate meals , so they prefer 2 minute noodles to satiate their hunger, especially if the food available is not of good quality .
Many hostels have a plug point which allows students to cook these noodles in their rooms.
It is surprising that few other ready to items are being sold online at discounted prices, which people who do not have the time to cook, will purchase, as many products like the MTR ready to eat range is not available in small towns.