Food poisoning and online ordering

Increasingly ordering food from outside the home has become a risky affair for domain investors because indian intelligence and security agencies , especially the associates of google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari sex queen R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc are poisoning the food with sophisticated additives which cause health problems. In the sheena bora murder case, a similar problem was noticed by sheena bora’s brother , and it was confirmed that security and intelligence agency employees are freelancing as contract killers
So for a person who has plenty of powerful enemies like sheena bora’s brother, it is not very advisable to order food online, as their enemies may be monitoring the food being ordered, and may ask the person preparing the food to poison or tamper with the food, to create health problems.
However most indian citizens can order the food online without any major problem, as no one is bothered about what they are doing.

Ordering food from restaurants online

A few years ago, there were a large number of startups which allowed indian internet users to order from restaurants in their city online. These startups would charge the restaurant a commission on each order the restaurant would receive online. Most of food ordering startups were funded by venture capitalists flush with funds and made huge losses initially.
Some of them got a publicity in the mainstream media for a number of reasons, like coupons which allowed people to order and get food from restaurants free of cost, and for firing their employees . The startups which were making losses like were merged with other online firms like . Others like foodpanda , swiggy continue to be in business, however these apps are mainly popular in large cities like mumbai, delhi, bengaluru

Number of food related startups declines rapidly

As it becomes increasingly clear that the companies overestimated the indian online market, the number of food related startups has declined drastically in the last few years.
While the TinyOwl saga was well documented in the mainstream media , some of the other food related startups which failed (according to a report in Outlook Magazine) are:

There is a lot of competition in the market, and these startups also did not understand the indian internet market well enough

Online eating guide

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